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Aluminium ceiling solutions for civilian projects

Aluminium ceiling is the best choice for a ceiling solution to help create a luxurious and elegant beauty that no other ceiling can bring. One of the most popular residential aluminium ceilings today is the wood grain aluminium ceiling. Because the luxurious rustic color is suitable for decorating the space inside the house, it is easy to harmonize with the color of the interior and paint color.
Residential aluminium ceiling is a high-class ceiling product used to decorate the interior spaces such as: Villas, hotels, commercial centers, churches, theaters, large buildings ... to create modern, luxurious designs, suitable for each individual architectural project. and show the scale of those places.

Not only is it used to make decorative ceilings; with its advantages, aluminium ceilings can be used to make sound-absorbing ceilings for theaters, cooling buildings but gas stations, houses, warehouses, etc; due to their sound insulation, good heat insulation, fire resistance , easy to disassemble, light weight, high durability.


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