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Aluminium dominates in the "race" to manufacture electric car battery cases ️

Electric vehicle battery cases are built with one basic purpose in mind: to hold and protect the battery modules. Battery cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be easily adapted to the different characteristics of the battery modules. Like other parts of a vehicle, the choice of material for the battery case has also opened a "battle" for an exciting market share for some materials such as aluminium, high-strength steel, carbon fiber- carbon, magnesium....

Currently, battery cases are usually made from steel (or a combination of aluminium and steel), but in the long run, aluminium seems to have the upper hand, mainly due to its light weight and advantages. suitable specifications.

Car manufacturers expect that the cost of battery systems (currently 30-50% of the total cost of an electric car) will decrease in the future. It is forecast that the total demand for aluminium sheet for car frames and aluminium extrusions for electric vehicles will be close to 10 million tons by 2030. This demand ratio between aluminium sheet and aluminium profile will probably reach 80/ 20, according to which the demand for aluminium extrusion will reach 2 million tons. In order to meet the growing demand for aluminium extrusion in the future, a new class of extruders will need to be installed worldwide. That also means increasing demands for heat treatment and product finishing capabilities to create automotive aluminium extrusions with the quality and performance required.


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