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Aluminium - Green material of the future

Aluminium is the perfect material for the automotive sector and the numbers prove it. The amount of light metals used in the construction of cars has increased steadily over the past 30 years and will continue to increase in the future: in the next 5 years, the volume of aluminum will increase by about 20 kg to an average of 180 to 200 kg aluminum per vehicle. So what are the properties that make aluminum such an increasingly important material?

Super light, easy to recycle and environmentally sustainable

Aluminum is a super light material but very durable and not only that, aluminum is also the most environmentally friendly material. The outstanding feature of aluminum is that it is infinitely recyclable. Today, about 75% of all aluminum produced in history (nearly a billion tons) is still in use. Recycling aluminum is often a significant cost savings compared to producing new aluminum, even when the costs of collection, sorting, and recycling are taken into account. 

Recycling aluminum is also less expensive and less energy-intensive than creating new aluminum. The aluminum recycling process uses only about 5% of the energy compared to the process of generating new aluminum  from bauxite. The need for less fuel also limits emissions, including greenhouse gases, and thereby helps to protect the environment in a sustainable way.

Super light, easy to recycle and more

In addition to its more ecologically sustainable properties and uses, aluminum will continue to be used more and more in internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel, as manufacturers look for ways to make become even lighter and find ways to comply with increasingly stringent regulations on smog and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the physical and mechanical properties of aluminum make it perfect to be 100% recyclable, thus potentially being reused to produce new products.


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